IUIBlog was created to explore what is happening with the application of AI (any form of computational intelligence) to HCI / Experience Design.

As outlined in my What is IUI post, I roughly define IUI as:

Improving the acumen, acuity, and productivity of people by applying computational intelligence to experience design. 

I’m not a big fan of Bio’s, but I’ll give this a shot…

My name is Jon Strande, I began my career in the very late 90’s as a software developer, and was fortunate to transition into Design, and then Product. I’ve worked almost exclusively on Enterprise Apps at medium to large enterprises, and am quite comfortable in that environment… here are some of those companies:

Some of the companies I’ve done work for

You can Contact me through this site. Connect on LinkedIn. Or follow me on Twitter. You can also just email me directly: jstrande@gmail.com